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December 4 & 5, 2014
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Underhill Martin Pres

October 2014
By Chief Martin Underhill
Grand Ledge Police Department

This summer those in attendance at our MACP Chief’s conference were treated to an eye opening presentation on eyewitness evidence in criminal investigations. The information presented by highly qualified police trainers and psychologists bears repeating for those who could not be in attendance. Please read the following recap if you are unfamiliar with the issues of eyewitness identification and their possible impact on your department. If you are pressed for time and just want the “what”, and will check back later for the “why”, skip to the last paragraph.

Mistaken identifications are a leading factor in wrongful convictions and law enforcement has been slow to seek remedies. This, despite proof of the pitfalls of traditional methods of eyewitness identification, and the availability of simple measures to reform them. As a consequence, while law enforcement lags behind in the use of modern and more appropriate methods of eyewitness identifications, it remains among the most common and compelling evidence brought against criminal defendants.


Media Hype Concerning the Supposed "Militarization" of Local Police Departments

Executive Director's Message
By Robert Stevenson, Retired Chief

There has been much recent media hype concerning the supposed “Militarization” of local police departments. This representation is absolutely false and it is important that our organization counter these false claims.

The 1033 program came about in the early 1990’s as a way to get excess equipment from the military that was applicable for civilian law enforcement use to state, local, and federal agencies. This equipment included exercise equipment, gloves, boats, office equipment, vehicles, handcuffs, binoculars as well as rifles and armored personnel vehicles (APV).