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Underhill Martin Pres PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE:
By Chief Martin Underhill
Grand Ledge Police Department

As things begin to slow down for the holidays, and your desk begins to clear, be sure that you have finished working with your local schools to submit an application for the School Safety Grant Program.  The goal of the School Safety Grant Program is to create safer school environments through equipment and technology enhancements.  Enhancements, such as security and communication hardware, as well as updated security designs and security software, are important aspects for consideration in your local schools’ safety programs.



Media Hype Concerning the Supposed "Militarization" of Local Police Departments

Executive Director's Message
By Robert Stevenson, Retired Chief

There has been much recent media hype concerning the supposed “Militarization” of local police departments. This representation is absolutely false and it is important that our organization counter these false claims.

The 1033 program came about in the early 1990’s as a way to get excess equipment from the military that was applicable for civilian law enforcement use to state, local, and federal agencies. This equipment included exercise equipment, gloves, boats, office equipment, vehicles, handcuffs, binoculars as well as rifles and armored personnel vehicles (APV).