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Benefits of MACP Membership

·         Access to the MACP Listserv (Active Voting & Active members)

·         Access to the Chiefs Listserv (Active Voting members)

·         Registration Discounts to both the Mid-Winter and Annual Training Conference (currently a $50.00 savings for each conference)

·         Michigan Police Chiefs Magazine subscription

·         Legislative representation in Lansing via MACP staff and Legislative committee

·         Opportunity to serve on MACP standing committees

·         Representation by liaison appointment with MML, MCOLES, and various state government and task force committees

·         Opportunity to vote in MACP District Elections and annual conference elections for Board of Directors

·         Opportunity to run for the MACP Board of Directors (Active Voting members)

·         Membership Card

·         Certificate of Membership

·         MACP Lapel Pin

·         MACP Window Decal

·         And most important- networking with your fellow professionals and working together to solve our common problems, particularly through our two listserv networks.

A full year of membership starts when approved by the MACP Board of Directors.

Membership Categories
Membership is considered to be as follows in Article II of the MACP Constitution.

SECTION 1. Classes of Membership: The membership of the Association shall be classified and defined as follows: Active-Voting, Active, Associate, Life, Sustaining and Supporting Member.

Active Voting Members $115.00 Annually

Any non-elected full time salaried chief criminal law enforcement officer of any duly constituted enforcement agency; the heads of other governmental security agencies; the heads of quasi-governmental police or security agencies who are certified by the Michigan Law Enforcement Officers Training Council, in the State of Michigan is eligible for Active-Voting membership. Provided that members who held Active membership in this Association as of January 30, 1970, but who may not qualify under this Article, may continue to renew such current membership as Active-Voting members until they forfeit same under Sections 4, 5, or 6 of this Article.

Active Members $100.00 Annually
Any person, not eligible for Active-Voting membership, but qualified by training and experience in police or other law enforcement activity, or by other professional attainments in police science or administration, or cri
minal justice education, shall be eligible for Active membership, subject to the following provisions:
Any member of any duly constituted law enforcement agency shall require the recommendations of the member chief of the agency. Upon retirement or resignation from active police service, Active-Voting members shall be transferred to the Active membership class. Active members shall have all the privileges of Acting-Voting members, except that of holding office or amending the Constitution or By-Laws. The provisions of section 1b (2) shall not apply to members who held Active membership in this Association as of January 30, 1970, on their retirement from active police service.

Associate Members $115.00 Annually
Any reputable person, not eligible for Active-Voting or Active membership, but qualified by interest, business liaison or association with law enforcement, shall be eligible for Associate membership in this Association. Associate members shall have all the privileges of Active membership. Members holding Associate membership in the Association, as of the date of the adoption of this amendment, shall be referred to and be determined by the Board of Directors.

Supporting Members $500.00 Annually
Supporting membership is open to any vendor or business. Supporting members benefits are:

·         $50.00 discount per conference

·         Electronic database sent to you twice a year!

·         Listing in the MACP magazine as “MACP Supporting Member”

·         Listing on the MACP website with a link to your website

·         Supporting Member Certificate (to hang in your office)

·         MACP Window Decals (2)

·         Permission to make posts to MACP’s Facebook page (MACP reserves the right to edit or remove inappropriate posts)

·         Conference name tags will have an “MACP Supporting Member” ribbon.

Sustaining Members $50.00 Annually 
Persons who are donors of funds to the Association for the purpose of advancing or improving the police profession may be invited by the Board of Directors to become Sustaining members of this Association, under such rules as the Board of Directors may establish. If the invitation is accepted, such membership shall receive the Michigan Police Chiefs Magazine and a window decal. Sustaining members are not eligible to vote, hold office or have access to the listservs.



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