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Testing Services
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The Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police and Stanard and Associates, Inc. have teamed together to offer MACP members written examinations for the positions of police officer, dispatcher, and First and Second Line Supervisor (promotional ranks).

About Our Choice
Stanard & Associates, a Chicago-based group of psychologists and test development professionals, began working in the area of police testing in 1976. Over the years, Stanard & Associates has developed a full line of validated exams designed to help public safety agencies hire and promote the most qualified candidates efficiently and cost-effectively. Agencies across the country have benefited from S&A’s testing products and services, improving the caliber of their personnel and thus the quality of the law enforcement services they provide to their communities. Given these difficult economic times and the rising costs of salaries and benefits, Stanard & Associates’ off-the-shelf tests provide a low cost solution for identifying candidates who will be an asset to your police force for years to come.

Since May of 2003, the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police has been in the law enforcement test distribution business. Established as a service to Michigan law enforcement agencies and as a revenue source for the Association, the entry-level police officer, dispatcher, and promotional tests, created and provided by Stanard & Associates, help police and sheriffs departments across the state hire and promote the best officers and dispatchers possible.

If you have any questions about our tests, please contact us at 517-349-9420.
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